Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Effective January 6, 2010 the University will institute a pay-for-print system.
  • WESTLAW and LEXIS printing will continue to be free on the dedicated Lexis and Westlaw printers in the labs.
  • All copies and prints will cost 12¢ per page.
  • Each law student will receive 100 complimentary copies from the law library.
  • Complimentary copy cards will be dispensed at the Circulation Desk beginning Jan. 6, 2010.
  • The printers and copiers will operate by using a copy card which may be purchased from the Card Dispenser located on the first floor of the law library.
This is a university-wide policy, not just for law students. There are several reasons:
  • The main reason for changing to a pay-for-print system is that vendors no longer service copy machines without a full university-wide contract that covers the copy machines and computer printers. It's all or nothing. Changing to a university-wide system saves the university money by combining all the service contracts.

  • The University is going GREEN. Free printing in the computer labs has gotten out of hand as cost of printing has dramatically increased in the past few years . We have often collected reams (that is 500 sheets per ream) of unclaimed or unplanned printing, multiple copies of large print jobs (the student took only one copy), copies of recipes, screen plays, pornography, and other items for which the law library never intended to provide free printing.
Please print wisely and be mindful of the environment!! Thank you for your understanding.
~The Law Library Staff