Monday, February 22, 2010

USB Drives Up & Working

Our techies have confirmed that the USB drives on the computer lab pcs are now functional.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pay For Print - Really!

After some delays due to set-up issues, pay-for-print will go live today or tomorrow.


Green Print Information -
• Cost is $0.12 per page.
• All public printers in the law library operate by using a copy card. Cards may be purchased from the Card Dispensers which are located in the Plaza and Basement computer labs and the first floor by the public copier.
• You will need to use a one dollar bill for the first copy card purchase. After you receive your card, you may add additional money into your card if you wish. Please do not insert more than one dollar bill for initial card.
• If you already have a card, insert the card in the card dispenser and add whatever amount you wish to add into bill acceptor.
• For problems with printers and refunds, see the computer lab supervisor in the Plaza Computer Lab. If the Lab supervisor is not available, contact the Circulation Desk for help.
Step-By-Step Instructions

• At the Computer:
1. When you are ready to print a document, click File and select Print.
2. Select print options and click OK.
3. At the Name prompt field, please type your full name and Click NEXT.
4. Go to the printing Station by the printers.

• At the Print Station:
5. Insert Copy Card into the card reader for print job list.
6. Type in the name you entered above for your print job.
7. Notice the number of pages and cost for your print job.
8. Click Print or Delete.
9. Remove your Cash Card completely from the reader after you are done.