Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bloomberg BNA

As part of the law library's efforts to provide research tools that are both timely and easy to access, we are proud to add Bloomberg BNA's online platform to our list of legal databases.  This service is part of a package that will bring Bloomberg Law to law faculty and students in the fall.  (Details and training on Bloomberg Law will come in the fall.)
Bloomberg BNA brings us such titles as: 
  • Bankruptcy Law Reporter
  • Criminal Law Reporter
  • Daily Tax Report
  • TAX MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIOS (Yay!) (We're still keeping these in print as well)
  • US Law Week
  • IP law resources
  • Environment & Safety law resources
  • and much, much more
You can access Bloomberg BNA in one of two ways.
1.  There is a link on under "Subscription Databases"
2.  The direct link is here:
As always, you will be connected through our proxy server and will need to enter your GGU ID and password.
Please "ask a librarian" if you have any questions.  Enjoy!