Monday, November 19, 2012

Lexis Nexis Exam Preparation Game

Be fully prepared for exams with the new case law game (it's free!) designed to help you spot and analyze issues _ a crucial part of every law exam. 1Ls: prepare for exams by testing your knowledge of case law content based on areas of law you're learning about right now. 2Ls and 3Ls: prepare for exams _ or even the bar _ with 5 levels of questions that increase in difficulty. Prep now _ in a free, fun, and easy way. Powered by the research technology of Lexis AdvanceT, Think Like A Lawyer is the fun, informative, and free way to get ready for exams. Compete against your friends, or find out how you stack up against law schools across the country on the Think Like A Lawyer leaderboard

The New Lawyer

The New Lawyer, published annually by The Daily Journal, is now available. This issue includes a list of bar passers - search by last name.

Here's a link to the PDF: