Monday, July 18, 2011

HeinOnline World Constitutons Illustrated - UPDATE

More than 62,000 words of new translations added

New Documents

The following countries have been updated with more than 150 new documents:

English translation of the Electoral Court, our translation of the four subsequent amending laws, to bring the text 100% up to date, the latest amendment being of 10 June 2011.

English translation of the Constitution of 1990.

Central African Republic
English translation of the original text of the Constitution of 27 December 2004, together with the subsequent amending law, Constitutional Law No. 10.005 of 11 May 2010, and the consolidated text.

English translation of the Constiution of 1985 as amended to Legislative Accord No. 18-93 of 17 November 1993.

and many more!

Notable Books

This month we added more than 100 books. Following is a list of notable titles:
  • Canadian Constitution in Form and in Fact - William Renwick Riddell (1923)
  • Choix de Rapports, Opinions et Discours Prononces a la Tribune Nationale Depuis 1789 Jusqu'a ce Jour; Recueillis dans un Ordre Chronologique et Historique (1818)
  • Constitucion en el Congreso General Constituyente (1943)
  • Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Sung Yoon Cho (1986)
  • Constitutional Law of England - Edward Wavell Ridges (1934)
  • Constitution Americaines et Francaises - J.B.J. Pailliet (1848)
  • Constitutions D'Haiti (1801-1885) - Janvier Haiti, Joseph Louis (1886)
We've also added linking to the following titles:
  • Select Constitutions of the World, compiled by the Dail Eireann, the Irish Parliament (1922)
  • Federal and Unified Constitutions/A Collection of Constitutional Documents for the Use of Students by Arthur Percival Newton (1923)
Click here to view complete list of titles added.

Contribute to the Project

If you would like to contribute to World Constitutions Illustrated, please contact us at or click on the "Contribute to the Project" button from within the collection in HeinOnline.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why to NEVER Talk To The Police

This is a 48 minute lecture on why to NEVER talk to the police, given by a law professor and a police officer.  Take the time to watch.  It's funny as well as educational.