Friday, August 20, 2010

Digital Commons

The Law Library is pleased to announce the availability of our new institutional repository: "Digital Commons: The Legal Scholarship Repository @ Golden Gate University School of Law". Our new Digital Commons is hosted by BePress, the premier vendor for this type of academic project.

The purpose of the Digital Commons is to archive and make publicly available the intellectual work produced by GGU School of Law faculty, students, clinics and programs. It is not a substitute for a web page and although the interface makes it look like a web site, think of it more as a database - one that is searchable via Google.

So far we have loaded faculty publications for which we have received the publisher's permission, papers produced by the clinics and conferences, and some of the LLM and SJD student theses. We have loaded all issues of the GGU Environmental Law Journal and are in the process of loading the 40 volumes of the GGU Law Review. If you are aware of other publications, speeches or documents that you believe are appropriate for this archive, please let me know.

Going forward, we will populate all the areas of our Digital Commons as we are able to digitize the materials, as well as add new faculty publications as they become available. Please don't hesitate to ask a law librarian if you have any questions about this project. We are very excited about this project, and believe it will enhance the visibility and reputation of the GGU School of Law.