Monday, February 28, 2011

Digital Commons Update

Our Digital Commons site is less than a year old, but already containts over 1700 documents. All issues of all three law reviews are available, as well as back issues of our alumni and law school magazines. We continue to add faculty publications as we receive permission from the publishers.

New on the DC are back issues of the School of Law Bulletin. Did you know that Caspar Weinberger (yes, that Caspar Weinberger!) used to teach at GGU School of Law in the early 1950's? Also, tuition was a whopping $11.50 per unit in 1951! We have many issues from 1932 up to 2010. Please take a look, and if you happen to have a missing issue squirreled away in your office, please let us know.

You will also find an archive of the Student Handbook and other materials from the Registrar. The Jesse Carter library is slowly being uploaded as well.

To explore the DC, go to: to see the menu. Click on the site map to get a clear picture of the sections under each heading. We continue to harvest important materials to add to our archive of the GGU School of Law. If you have materials that you think would be appropriate for the DC, please contact Janet Fischer at Thank you!