Friday, April 25, 2008

Lots of Changes in Store - SOON

The much-anticipated law library expansion is scheduled to take place this year in two major parts, and several minor ones.
From May until the end of October, the first floor, directly above the law library's plaza level, is being emptied and will be refitted to law library needs. When the first floor is open for business in early November, there will be a 100-seat reading room, circulation desk, reference desk, and law library staff offices. There will also be two unisex restrooms, near where the service elevator is located, at the Jessie Street end of the library.
From November 1 until New Year's Eve, the plaza level will be redone. Staff offices will be replaced with about 70 student carrels. Some new shelving will be added, existing shelving will be anchored and expanded, and the carpet replaced. During the plaza level redo, only the first floor and the basement of the law library will be open -- the plaza level will be completely sealed off, to prevent dust from spreading.