Friday, April 25, 2008

May Construction Scheduled

To install the two unisex restrooms on the floor above the plaza level, plumbing must be installed this summer.
On Monday, May 5th, the ceiling panels in the back law library staff offices and meeting area will be removed. This should not affect library patrons, as most construction is to take place after hours.
On Monday, May 12th, the plaza level computer lab, Room P-90, will be reconfigured. Five computers will be moved out, and a temporary wall installed, creating a smaller lab. A number of computers and printers will remain, but we anticipate sending overflow lab patrons to the 4th floor computer labs, or to the law library basement computer lab, in room B-4.
The ceiling in the plaza level lab will be removed, and the plumbing installed. The plaza computer lab will return to its original configuration by the end of the year.